Central bank

Powering a cashless ecosystem at Ireland’s financial services regulator

How the Central Bank of Ireland experienced a 45% increase in total transactions using Facilipay’s Cashless System.

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The Challenge

The Central Bank wanted to incorporate a cashless system that was cloud-based, best-in-class, highly secure and compliant with applicable regulations. The system should be able to accept online payments, provide analytics and be compatible with all Point-of-sale and vending machines on campus. This system required hosting in an environment external to the Central Bank’s network infrastructure, with an emphasis on continuous improvements, regular maintenance and support.

The Ideal Solution

Ability to allow Central Bank employees to view balance and securely top up into their Digital Wallet.

Employee access cards to be tokenized and used for cashless transactions at kiosks and vending machines at Central Banks premises.

Reporting and metrics along with Centralized Administration for employee accounts.

Open API to allow seamless integration between multiple elements of the solution and the ability to integrate future functionalities.

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Our Solution

In partnership with AIB Merchant Services, Facilipay proposed a holistic solution meeting and exceeding the full requirements of Central Bank.

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Results from our Cashless System


Increase in Restaurant Sales Revenue


Transactions in 21 months


Increase in transactions volumes immediately post migration

26% YoY

Increase in Year on Year sales volumes

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