fern dean

The Fern Dean

Blackrock Dublin

The Fern Dean is a boutique nursing home committed to enhancing the quality of life for their residents. With strong family ethos at the core of their services, the Fern Dean aspire to provide a progressive approach to clinical and social care.

In considering how to improve resident’s payments experience and alleviate the hassle associated with monthly payments, the Fern Dean were exploring the possibility of making their nursing home entirely prepay cashless.

Considerations in going Cashless

Before adopting Facilipay’s cashless solution, the Fern Dean had a credit-based system where the residents would avail of the services, and payments would be reconciled only at the end of the month.

The resident’s family members would transfer funds to the Fern Dean directly via a bank transfer or check/draft. Over time, this credit-based system proved difficult to manage from an administrative point of view, as Fern Dean has over 100 residents in their nursing home.

The administrative work involved in issuing & following up on invoices due, made the Fern Dean look for a cashless system that enabled their residents next of kin to load funds easily from a mobile app. Facilipay checked all the boxes for the Fern Dean’s requirements on this.

How does it work in practise?

Facilipay’s digital wallet has the flexibility to handle the complexity and sensitivity required for the successful payments in a nursing home.

All residents at the Fern Dean now had a digital wallet (payment account) which allowed family members of the residents to add funds to their account remotely. 

Facilipay’s digital wallet also provided residents with an overdraft feature, in which a resident’s balance was allowed to have negative balance. The negative balance or overdraft, would then be settled by the family member before topping up for the subsequent month.

Seamless integration with the resident’s card.

These cards which were erstwhile ID cards, now became a device that could make payments for services such as meals, haircuts, salons, spa etc.

Additionally, Facilipay also provided daily direct debits or daily standing instructions for services such as newspapers (charged €1.50 daily) which would automatically get debited from the resident’s balance daily.

Immediate benefits

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Automatic reporting

No more credit-based ledgers

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Non-intrusive technology

Easy to use tech for Residents

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Peace of mind

With remote top up 

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Easy onboarding

Seamless onboarding of residents

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Negative balance allowed

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No more invoices

Prepay meant invoices were made redundant

At Facilipay, we treat customer experience as paramount. The flexibility of our technology helps us to shape the way our customers engage with it.

At the Fern Dean, the resident’s exposure to our technology is just their ID cards. At no point of time do they have to learn about mobile apps, payments, top ups etc.

From the resident’s family member’s perspective, they can choose to engage with the app as they desire ie, constantly monitor and top up as they desire or set up a one-time auto topup instruction and not worry about engaging with the app at all.

Our technology works behind the scenes without the guests knowing about the technology.

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